Help Us Raise $600k in October!

Helping youth and children reach new heights. Partner with us as we build an Indoor Student Athletic Center that promotes community health & wellness. 6,000 people investing $100 during the month of October. GIVEWAYS TO SAVE

Impactober is an annual initiative that dedicates each October to an area of focus that empowers community by becoming an epicenter that promotes holistic living.

The goal of Impactober this year, is to raise $600,000 to support projects geared toward youth development and community engagement.

The funds will support construction of a student center that will feature an NBA-sized gymnasium. The gymnasium will house a multipurpose court for indoor sports including but not limited to  basketball, soccer, gymnastics and volleyball.. The facility will also feature locker rooms, weight-training rooms, and concession stand. 

The student center, which will be open 24/7, will add value to the community as it will create jobs, serve as a venue for various events, and provide the youth with an alternative to detention centers and jails.


Our Community's per capita income in 2017 was $22,050

How can a person live remarkably with this income? Exactly! This disparity with the rest of our city is unacceptable, and it compels us to act – today. act now - give $100

“Every small act of generosity will help us to meet our goal to enrich the
lives of the youth and children of our city.” 


Forgo a Weekly Date Night

Have a family movie night at home.

Daily Java Fix

Bring your own coffee from home for a week.

Brown Bag It

Pack your own lunch for a week.

Partner Up & Go!

Carpool for a week.

Say No To Lottery

No Lottery purchases for 30 days.

DIY Hair-Dos

Women- Style Your OWN hair for two weeks


Change your weekly manicure/pedicure to biweekly

Skip The Bar

Skip Happy Hour, Lounge/ Brunch #30DayChallenge

Skip The Shop

Men: Forgo weekly haircut to only getting 2 haircuts per month for 2 months

Home Chef

Cook at home instead of eating outfor a week.

Skip a Maintenance

DIY and skip the dry cleaning, maid service, or Lawncare

Clip It

Find a coupon for something you buy a lot of.